Ivy's Pedigree


CH  Revlo's Sir of Batoche


CH Marcris Marshmallow

CH Marcris Amanda of Cariel


CH Hi-Lite Marshmallow Miracle      


CH Marcris Marshmallow Show off


CH Hi-Lite Marty's a Showoff

CH Dil-Dal's Tutee White Fanci


Coolpups Boy Toy


CH Arc Angel Smacko


CH Ja To MiSugar Smacks Hot Shot

CH Ja To Mi Sugar Cookie of  Al Mar


Tracy's Sue City Sue


CH Sun Canyon White Zeffy Zippy


Carrie Sue Tracy

Tracy's Guardian Carrie Sue

Stephens Fancy Phantom Dancer


Maurice of Windy Hill


Jonathon Too of Lazy-J

Suzette of Windy Hill


Hoppe's Little Guy Mac


Jardin of Lazy-J


Joni of Lazy-J

Josey of Lazy-J

  Prells Mimi    

Jonathon- Too of Lazy-J


Hoppe's Little Guy Mac

Joni of Lazy-J


Prell's Sulky Sue

  Casper Boo

Prell's Daisy Mae

Prell's Buffy

Barbarella's Teddy Bear


Moses Larry's Boy

Dina Beauty

Benjamin's Little Moses


Shady Oak's Windy Knights


Shirley's Lucky Lady

Gray's Sherry

Stephens Bo-Re Guarde


Owen's Dinky Twinkie


Oak Tree's Slade

Owen's Snowflake

    Nicoles Kristi  

Oak tree's Slade


Pansey's Nicole

Owen's White Pansy

Stephens Lady Gwenavere

      Mr Henry

Upsy Downsy Dinky Dustmop

Pat's Sweet Sherry


Haynie's Prancing Shasta


Bobbie's Prince Shasta


Shasta's Mystical Ice Baby

Bobbie Lee's Snow White


StephensLittle China Dolly


Juhen's Voir Dire Tiny Roc


B Jay Sparks

Cain's Snowflake From Heaven


Haynie's Little Egypt


Upsy Downsy Dinky Dustmop


Missty Dawn Holloway

Diannes Lacy Bianca


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